SK TARGET GROUP LIMITED is a public listed company that was listed on Growth
Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 8427) in 2017.

The Group’s principal activities lies mainly in the manufacturing and sales of precast concrete telecommunication
junction boxes and precast concrete electrical junction boxes under our Target brand in Malaysia since 1993. The Group’s precast concrete junction boxes are used in (a) telecommunication and electrical infrastructures upgrade and expansion works; and (b) construction projects in Malaysia.

To complement our core business of manufacturing and selling precast concrete junction boxes, the Group also (a) trade junction box accessories and pipes which (i) protect the underground wires and cables and (ii) connect different junction boxes on a standalone basis or together with our precast concrete junction boxes; and (b) offer mobile crane rental and ancillary services such as uplifting services, mainly for our precast concrete junction boxes.


We strive to maintain excellence in all aspects of our operations. To achieve this, we continue to invest in automation with the objective of reducing lead time to increase our efficiency and quality. We also continuously manage Quality, Health and Safety effectively by implementing and maintaining best practices and process through effective integrated management system.